Mr. Deepak N, Technical Writer, L&T Technology Services – Technical Writing and Importance of Communication Skills

The Alumni interaction was initiated with the introduction of alumnus, Mr. Deepak N, Technical Writer, L&T Technology Services, Chennai by the Head of the department of Mechanical Engineering. Students of Mechanical Engineering participated and interacted with the alumnus. 

Alumni briefed about the Profession “Technical Writing and importance of communication skill” in core industry for career planning. He encouraged the students to utilize the facilities available to strengthen their knowledge and to grab the opportunities in core Mechanical field.

He pointed out the importance of commitment towards the work and time management in career and also profile creations and publishing in “” and “Nakuri” sites for knowing the opportunities available/for profile selection.

He advised the students to plan their future. It could be either pursuing higher studies or to be an entrepreneur. But he insisted the necessity of planning one’s career before completing the degree. Also discussed about the importance of “AI, Coding & ML” in core Mechanical Field, and chances based on it.  He mentioned various the problems faced by engineers as freshers and experienced employees during recruitment processes.


The session ended with the interaction of the students with the alumnus.