Mr.A Sriram, ARJ builders and promoters – Construction Practices in Roads and Railways

An alumni Interaction program was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering in association with Alumni Cell, Mr.A Sriram, (2010 – 14 batch) Proprietor, ARJ builders and promoters, Coimbatore chaired the program.

The key points shared by the alumna were as follows:


  • He started off on highlighting three words knowledge, boldness and creative thinking.
  • He discussed the importance of the above three points.
  • He shared his views on common practices in highways and roadways and the basic elements and knowledge required for civil field work.
  • He suggested to learn from whatever one sees and however small detail it may be.
  • He advised that on should learn to use technical words in site and interact more with experienced persons and gain knowledge.
  • Also, Mr.A Sriram suggested to gain practical knowledge and to be updated with modern materials and equipment’s used.