Department of CSE

Webinar on "Android UI UX Design"

Alumnus Interaction Programme On “How to make every piece of content user friendly?”

Webinar on “Introduction to IOS”

Alumnus Interaction Programme On “Recent Trends in Intelligent App Development”

Alumnus Interaction Programme on “Self Preparation towards getting Placed & Choosing the Right Career”

Webinar on “Designing User Interfaces using Android Studio”

Alumnus Interaction Programme On “How to Land your First Job?”

Webinar On “Introduction to Android Studio”

Alumnus Talk On “Roadmap to success: Hidden Strengths”

Alumnus Talk On “How to work with Hidden Opportunities in AI and ML”

Alumnus Talk On “Struggles to Success” Informative speech for students

Alumnus Talk On “How I Startup?”

Alumnus Talk On “Non Textbook Approach for Learning New Technology”

Webinar On “Emerging Technologies – AI/ML epoch”

International Webinar on “Blockchain Technology & Real Time Applications”

Alumnus Talk & National Level Webinar on “Powerful Cutting Edge Opportunities in Today’s World”

Supply Chain Analytics beyond Our Imagination - A Walkthrough

National Level Webinar on “Campus to Corporate Transition”

National Level Webinar on “Recent Trends in Cryptography – Applications in Health Care Data Protection”

National Level Webinar on “Data Science and its Components: Using Python and R Programming”

Webinar on “Puzzle Solving with Python”

Farewell & Annual Day 2020

Awareness Program on “National Voters Day”

Guest Lecture on “Recent Trends in Data Analytics” on 07/02/2020

Club Activities – 2020

Awareness Program on “National Consumer Day”

National Level Seminar on Cyber Security for Web Applications and Embedded Systems on 08-01-2020

One day Technical Seminar on Recognition with Deep Learning – an AI on 20/08/2019

National Level Technical Symposium “TEKIBITS 19” on 13/08/2019

Two Days National Level Workshop on Predictive Data Analytics using Python and R Programming - 18&19 July 2019

FDP on Cloud Computing Essentials on 23/05/19 & 24/05/2019

Farewell & Annual Day 2K19

One Day Seminar on Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure and Services on 23/01/2019

One day Seminar on Hybrid artificial intelligence techniques for cyber defence on 03/01/2019

Two days Workshop on AI in CS - Modern Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cyber Security from 03/01/2019 to 04/01/2019

One day workshop on python Programming on 14/12/2018

Seminar on Introduction to Android App Development using Android Studio on 17/11/2018

Guest Lecture on “Internet of Things” on 09/10/2018

One day workshop on PHP and MySQL on 17/10/2018

One day workshop on C programming on 15/10/2018

One day Seminar on MongoDB in Big Data Analytics on 31/03/2018


Farewell & Annual Day 2K18

One day workshop on C Programming on 01/03/2018

One day workshop on CPP on 01/03/2018

One day workshop on JAVA Programming on 01/03/2018

Video conference with Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi on 16/02/18

Two days Workshop on “Machine Learning in Network Intelligence” on 16 & 17 Feb 2018

Two Days’ FDP on Introduction to Mobile App Development on 9 & 10 Feb 2018

Invited talk on "Revolution of Internet and machine interface" on 22/09/2017

CSIR SPONSORED Two days national level workshop on “Wireless Sensor Networks – Target Tracking Based on Real Time Applications” on 23rd & 24th Aug 2017

One day National Level Technical Seminar on “The new ages and emerging Technologies on Cloud Computing” on 26/07/2017


National Level Technical Symposium - Tekibits ’17

Guest Lecture on Security issues in WSN on 11/3/2017

One day workshop on PHP and MySQL on 13/2/2017

One day workshop on Java Business Application on 11/2/2017

Inter Department Meet – 01/10/2016

Engineers Day Celebrations on 15/09/2016

Two day workshop on Grid and Cloud Computing Tools on 26/8/2016 to 27/8/2016

One day workshop on C and CPP on 24/8/2016

One day workshop on PHP and MySQL on 22/8/2016

One day workshop on JAVA on 22/8/2016

Guest Lecture on Recent Trends and Challenges in IOT on 23/7/2016

Guest lecture on Graph Theory and its application on 16/7/2016

Club Activities – 2016

Workshop On “PYRA”

Workshop On “Ethical Hacking”

Seminar On “Introduction to Single Node Hadoop Cluster”

Seminar On “Introduction to Communication Engineering”

Hour of Code

Seminar On “Introduction to Mobile Infrastructure and Services”

Seminar On “Introduction to C# and .Net Framework”

Workshop On “Digital Transaction”

5 Day FDP “Data Science and Big Data Analytics” from 15/4/15 to 19/4/15

Introduction about Linux OS on 12/2/2015

Engineer as Manager- Guest lecture on 3/2/2015

Presentation about profile blogging on 21/1/2015

Seminar on Blog spot on 19/12/2014

Seminar on Virtual Reality-CYGNUS Sottek on 31/10/2014

Power Seminar on 6/9/2014

Seminar on Basic JAVA on 1/9/2014

Seminar on Introduction to ENbasics on 11/8/2014

Computer Aided Learning (for Iyrs) on 18/6/2014