Department of ECE

Webinar on “Home Automation using Internet of Things (IOT), Tinker CAD IDE Tool” Hands on Training through online simulator.

PROJECT EXPO 2020, on 2 March 2020

CSIR Sponsored Two Days National Level Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Cloud based Machine Learning for IoT Devices

Workshop on “ Robotics & Industrial Automation on Industrial Revolution 4.0”

One day workshop on C programming on 31/01/2019

One Day workshop on Line Follower Robot on 31/01/2019

One day Guest lecture on Recent  Trends in VLSI Technologies on 05/01/2019

Embedded system Design – ARM Processor (LPC2148)

One day Guest lecture on Embedded system and IoT on 22/12/2018

Three Days "Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp" from 29/08/2018 to 31/08/2018

Two days Workshop on Rapid prototyping and Additive manufacturing using 3D printing technology From 10/08/2018 to 11/08/2018

One day workshop on SCILAB on 19/06/2018

Workshop on “Design of Digital Circuit using EDA Tools”

One day Workshop on “CMOS circuits design using Mentor Graphics” on 07/03/2018

One day workshop on C Programming on 16/02/2018

Workshop on Robotics & Industrial Automation

Guest lecture on IOT in Agriculture on 26/12/2017

A invited talk on Growth of Indian Telecom Industry on 25/9/2017

One day seminar on Introduction to Cognitive Radio Networks on 7/8/2017

One Day Seminar on image procesing and its applications using MATLAB on 14/7/2017

Two days Workshop on Mobile servicing and Training course on 3/7/2017 to 4/7/2017

Guest Lecture on Insight of Smart Phone and its applications on 3/7/2017

A invited talk on OSS and GSM System Architecture on 14/3/2017


Seminar on underwater wireless sensor networks on 13/2/2017

One day workshop on JAVA on 23/8/2016

One day workshop on SCILAB on 23/8/2016

Guest Lecture on Importance of Electronics in Medicine on 22/6/2016

Two Days Workshop on Embedded System and its Applications Using ARM Processor LPC2148 on 22/3/2016 to 23/3/2016

Workshop on “Mobile Controlled Robotics on 14/3/2016 to 15/3/2016

Workshop cum hands on training on Python-OpenCV for Image Processing on 9/3/2016

One day workshop on SCILAB on 17/2/2016

A one day Workshop on Millimeter wave Technologies and its Applications on 12/1/2015

Guest lecture on Signals and systems on 23/7/2014

Guest Lecture on Electronics and Communication Engineering on 19/7/2014

Hands on training on Audio Signal Processing using TMS320C5505 on 15/6/2014