“There’s a way to do it better-find it”


Mirage, the word comes from Latin mirari means “to look at, to wonder at”. It is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind. Design is the action of bringing something new and desired into existence. A design mindset is not problem focused, it’s solution focused, and action oriented. It involves both analysis and imagination.

The JIT Mirage club helps students to create something original or unusual. It focuses on heroically creative individual and on their process of innovation and designing.


To open minds, hearts, eyes to new innovative ideas, new decisions and actions.


To explore creative thinking and be familiar with the basic applications used for development in the area of graphical content.


Designing and creating innovative digital contents such as posters, e-magazines, and brochures in Multimedia Applications with the help of supportive tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw